hi, i'm pranay

I am an Entrepreneur and Engineer from San Francisco.

I’ve worked across small and large companies in SaaS, Electric Vehicles, E-commerce and Fintech. Early Engineer Tesla, tons of startup experience across SaaS and e-commerce payments software, a decade in Silicon Valley, MS CS from Georgia Tech. Currently working as an Engineering Leader at Rivian running several software and data platforms and engineering organizations. I’ve worked and reported directly to/with Founders, CEO’s, CTO’s, Senior VP’s.

I am also a startup Investor & Mentor with Techstars. I also Speaker, Guest Blogger and I adjudicate competitions, awards and hackthons.

I strive to improve the world around me by solving important and hard problems using Engineering, Data, and Product. I enjoy systemic thinking using first principals, scientific method and modular reuse. I’ve worked on electric vehicles, adjacent green tech, cryptocurrency, fin-tech & SaaS.

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Find slides to my talks here

Startup Investing & Mentoring

I Invest in early-stage startups and Mentor them. I am a Mentor @Techstars.



I am a published author on dev, Bits and Pieces, The Ascent. In my blogs I talk about the complexities of humans and tech and everything in between. I cover topics like FOMO, Imposter syndrome on the human side and managing database migrations, internationalization, scalable architectures for IoT on the tech side. If this interests you come join the fun!

Contact Me

If you’d like to invite me to speak, mentor or adjudicate awards / hackathons or collaborate in other ways – reach out to me on my social media or pranay.suresh@gmail.com